GA Coastal Aquathons

Georgia Barrier Islands

The Georgia barrier islands are a treasured beauty of the pristine nature with minimal human impact to modify the unique and special ecology. Sustaining the ecosystems and preserve the natural history is invaluable.

The islands are surrounded by the beauty of the salt marshes that are essential for the thriving ecosystem between the immense variety of native plant life, coastal resident and migratory birds species, micro-organisms and macro-organisms such as shrimp, oysters, fish, sharks, sea turtles and marine mammals that rely on the healthy habitat they live in.

Two-thirds of the Georgia islands are protected by wildlife refuges, reserves, state and national parks, and historic preserves. Some of which are accessible only by boat. The great importance to maintain these barrier islands from over development and human impacts reduces erosion and brings forth the effect of introduced invasive species that can devastate the ecology.

These barrier islands not only protect the coastline but also the mainland from severe weather, natural disasters, and environmental conditions. The salt marshes are the backbone for the natural life to thrive. They are dependent on the ebb and flow of the tidal cycles which keeps the rich balance.

During my adventure aquathon in exploring this pristine Georgia barrier island will be and experience that most would love to witness. I will be experiencing the history of life long ago when these islands were inhabited by Native Americans thousands of years ago and those that explored the New World from far away lands.

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